Thursday, December 4, 2008

Net filtering in all it's glory

There is something so strange about a government that goes ahead with policy despite certain failure and idiocy.

But thats what apparently is happening here.

Thankfully getup have gone about raising a nice $30,000 already to advertise against the insane filtering policy. Nice work guys!

A great point is that the reason the free sofware NetFilter was so low in popularity, was because there really isn't that big a demand for filtering. In fact.. i might go so far as to say that people really don't give a shit at all.

The media (which the government listens to intensely) may bluster and fuster about the threats to our children. But the people who we need to "protect" obviously dont really care.

But with the Greens, the opposition and pretty much any expert you talk to calling bullshit, I actually have faith that it wont get through.

Hooray for the senate!

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