Thursday, November 13, 2008

I miss John Howard

I was so excited to see him get voted out, the old guy who had no idea about what it was to be a young person in Australia today. I spent years hating theguy. He stood for everything that I didn’t, I couldn’t wait top help vote the little fucker out of office.

What an idiot I was.

I want him back.

You can take away my services – That’s bad policy

You can prop up private sector with government subsidies – that’s bad policy

You can hold out on saying sorry – that’s just plain mean.

You CAN’T start censoring the internet – that’s not acceptable; we are supposed to be a democracy!

Australia has had a long history of conservative censorship laws. Hell, we don’t even have a R18+ rating for our video games. Sure I can understand making it easy for parents to protect their kids. Perhaps a question when signing up to get a clean feed. But mandatory filtering of the internet is what happens when there is no freedom.

The problem is not exactly the sites they are going to block. Its having the system in place, with a list controlled by the government that is the problem.

Soon it will be like the experience you get from workplace internet access. Its like having a meal with the internets retarded cousin. He keeps on starting sentences and then just stops, sticks his hand down his pants and throws shit all over your shirt.

Despite this, its not going to be very effective anyway. You cant block all the proxy servers in the world, so the heinous child porn sites will still be available if you really wanted to spend a nominal amount of time finding a good proxy. This might even make it harder to catch the pedo-predators anyway. To be effective you would have to block all the proxy servers too, and all email (you can get child porn as an email attachment too), oh and the file sharing networks (which have no specific IP address) oh.. and the list goes on.

It’s another example of the bullshit, Neanderthal, backwards policies to “protect the children” that actually make me ashamed to be an Australian. I did NOT vote for this shit.

I want little Johnny back.

I didn’t think I would ever say that.

Check out Conroy "defending" the policy with an incoherent ramble that would make Palin proud,130061791,339293233,00.htm?feed=rss

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