Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ignoramus - Fox mistakes Obama for an "Ignorant Lawyer"

This is classic daily show moment of zen. Revel in the delicious irony of a Fox newsreader making a complete fool of themselves.

Moment of Zen - when the stupidity of the news needs no accompaniment.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Messaging client Trillian Astra - The quest tofind the perfect client

I had high hopes for Trillian Astra . At a glance i thought I may have found true synergy. I want something that combines all my status updates and instant messaging into one little package.

However after trialling it I found that again, it still doesn't do all the things I wasn't out of these clients.

  • Combines all my twitter and Facebook status updates in the one place
  • Has awesome sleek visual interface
  • great unified notification system with excellent visibility of updates. But...
  • MSN, ICQ
  • access to my GMail and Facebook inbox
  • No Facebook chat - I really need Facebook chat in a client
  • Twitter interface is awful - reply is hard to read and treats twitter like an instant messaging conversation. It really needs a separately styled interface for twitter/facebook status updates.
  • Annoyances - cant click a link directly from a notification window or from users history. Come on, this is the internet. You can't even copy and paste the tweets. You must be able to do better than that Guys

I think the basic problem is that Cerulian Studios have tried to squeeze twitter into the instant messaging model.

But really, thats not what its for for me.

Looks like I will have to keep my crazy round robin of messaging clients until I find something that truly does it all. Til then is a constant flirt with Meebo for instant messaging, a bevy of twitter clients, and occasionally Digsby Tweetdeck, Twhirl, and occasionally Digsby to try and find the eternal combination.

I just hope one day that I can finally see all my stuff in the same place, in real time.

Some kind of messaging hybrid craziness.

All I really want is an:

  • awesome functional twitter client combined with;
  • awesome functional IM client (including Facebook);
  • the ablity to read all my news feeds in one place (twitter, facebook etc.) but most importantly
  • It has to work
Is that too much to ask