Friday, December 5, 2008

reflection on the lunacy of the lockout

I went out to the cross last night, and I have seen so much aggression.

Was it because of the lockout? perhaps. Perhaps it was just a coincidence?

So we got to the cross a little late. I was drinking with a few bar staff at the local and we all decided to head into the cross. Our first port of call was YU. Its a good club, and it wasn't on any list I had seen.

Oh well, we pondered, just move on and go somewhere not on the list. A quick yell to the security at Dragonfly and it was another lockout standoff.

Screw that, Candy's will be open.

So we make the short walk across the lights and up bayswater road, only to see a guy get completely laid out just outside mansions. I know this is probably not totally unusual for the cross, but the randomness of the hit was a little odd.

So we walk into candies, and holy shit did that place get some sausage up there. It wasnt just a sausage fest, it was a whole full blown sausage festival. With so many guys there was bound to be some trouble with the rather hot girls that were with us. And yeah.. there was the one dickhead, who really wasn't taking no for an answer, like some kind of hovering weird crazy guy.

I have been to the cross many, many times. And I have never before had a guy try to start me at Candys. Its the kind of thing you would expect from Mansions, Empire or Scruffy Murphys. The dingy alcohol barns with cheesy music and a sleaze factor that's through the roof.

All this stupid lockout has created was a whole bunch of frustrated drunk people on the street in the wee hours of the morning. And its also moving all those undesirable people into the other bars, which were previously relatively free of this kind of neanderthal behaviour.

Melbourne dumped their lockout as there was an actual rise in alcohol related violence on the streets.

Police need to get off their fat asses, stop busting people for smoking weed and taking pingers and start looking at the violence. If you hit someone, you should go down.

The person who gave the random smack down last night clearly got away with no effect. Where are the police then. They want a lockout because they are lazy and dont want to actually have to do their jobs properly.

Police are supposed to be there to protect our rights, not lobby for them to be taken away.

The NSW police motto is Culpam Poena Premit Comes, or punishment follows closely upon crime. I guess in this case, they are trying to see if punishing everyone first might be a better way of going about it.....

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