Thursday, December 20, 2007

A bridge too far?

So I have been watching this Ron Paul thing unfold over in the US, mainly using social media sites and YouTube, and a funny thing struck me. Will journalism inevitably get better because of the scrutiny passed upon it by the community?

Whilst the advent of bloggers is a great way to get your information in a snappy way, there is still a yearning for quality journalism.

You can see it all over the net. The people who comment on social media sites such as YouTube and Digg are often scathing of the journalists who are failing in their jobs.

Take a look at this snippet of Fox anchor Neil Cavuto and Ron Paul. Its clear from the logical answers that the question has little merit. By simply giving logical answers that don't pander to the press and it's gaffe hunt, Ron Paul exposes the very nature of journalism today.

The whole push online has been somewhat hastened by the thirst that many people have for decent journalism. Many people are asking for real news. Look at the comments both on the YouTube Video and the Digg post. The overwhelming reaction is that the journalist looked stupid for answering the question at all.

What makes Ron Paul so special?

Ok, so a he raised the most ever in one day on the campaign trail. Over $6m. Pretty much all on the Internet. How did this happen?

It's because of the way he talks.

He talks with a logic that people can understand. There is none of the soundbite friendly crap that doesn't make sense. Listening to our the Premier of NSW, Morris Iemma speak to the press is like watching a wind up doll dance. You know its not really dancing, its just doing what it is programmed to do.

This is a concern with most politicians in western democracies, their relationship with the media isn't healthy. They feed and play off each other and feel all puffed up when they catch politicians out from their pre rehearsed fairy tale.

What the clip and the comments show is a clear desire for something new. Look at some of the comments that some of the Digg users have towards the clip:

"It funny how logic always makes people not using it look stupid.

"Why should I give him the money back to spread evil when I can use it for good?" seriously, how can you argue with that kind of logic?"

"I love how they are trying to start drama with Paul now, first the Cross ad question and now the Christmas ad, then when that doesn't work attack him based on one supporter."

Man what an idiot... after Ron Paul said all that stuff that Neil guy still didn't get it. Ron Paul was dead on with what he said about the special interest groups which to me is one of the biggest problems with our political system right now. I don't think that guy even listened to what Ron Paul was saying.

Its clear from the comments that Fox is being held in contempt by a significant proportion of the population.

I don't necessarily believe in many of Ron Paul's policies. However it is undeniable that he has satisfied a deep thirst for thoughtful, honest politicians.

Smart journalism and honest politicians.

Is that REALLY too much to ask for?

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